Monday, June 14, 2010

Magic ObamaEnergy!

The AmSpec blogger Horner raises an interesting question.

And frankly, if $8 gas and windmill mandates would force the invention of pixie dust energy we would have seen it in Europe after decades of precisely this failed system -- which Obama told us on at least eight occasions he was modeling here after Spain's disaster -- but all it has produced is bankrupt states which are being forced to turn off the spigot, bursting the bubble they created, to avoid collapsing.


Somehow, there is no magic fuel. No 300MPG car.

But there IS a crisis that only more Statism can solve, right?


Jim said...

No 300MPG car.

Ever seen any pictures of trains in Europe? Kind of like pixie dust energy.

Deekaman said...

Population density, Jim. And people walk...a lot.

The automobile is the ultimate Liberty. I can get in my car right now and go anywhere in the lower-48 I want. I become very difficult to track and control. Trains? Air? Requires tickets, ID, a bunch of stuff that can help me be found. I don't want to be found, thanks.

Amy said...

And the fact that America is significantly larger than Europe means what, exactly?

Cars = freedom. I'll take both, thanks.

TerryN said...

Real high speed trains would be great here. Unfortunately new tracks would have to be built to eliminate grade crossings. Like we helped build in Europe under the Marshall Plan.

neomom said...

Deekaman had it with population density. That's why subways/trains work (mostly because they are still subsidized) from Boston to DC or Metro Chicago.

Wisconsin? Then you are expecting that pixie dust to come from unicorn poop.