Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jack Welch on the ObamaSpeech

Very interesting series of comments on Obama (Teh Twit) from Welch.

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J. Strupp said...

"Jack said someone (Obama) should get all oil companies together to stop the leak. You have the greatest minds in oil production and on capitol hill the other companies are throwing BP under the bus."

If BP has some of the "greatest minds" in oil production, they should have contacted the other "greatest minds" in the industry weeks ago to figure out a solution to this problem. If the rest of the oil industry is busy "throwing BP under the bus" rather than working with them to remedy this crisis, than that speaks volumes about the corporate culture of Big Oil.

If they did contact these other "greatest minds" already (which is simple common sense so I can only assume is the case), then these other "greatest minds" in oil production don't have a Goddamn clue what to do.

So basically, you have an industry that spent trillions of bucks developing a way to pop a hole in the floor of the ocean but no idea how to put the plug back in. It's really that simple. Folks can spin this anyway they want but the fact is the there are people in this world who can and people who can't.

These people just can't.

Dad29 said...

...and Teh Won "Can"?


I think that Shell, Exxon, and Tesoro would be very happy to help, and I do not KNOW whether they were contacted. But they should be.

And TehWon should have mentioned it in his speech, if he had already done so.

J. Strupp said...

About 30 years ago, a few dozen engineers managed to bring 3 guys in a tin can on the other side of the moon back to Earth in less than a week using less power than what your toaster runs on today.

Today, THESE guys can't even plug a hole off our own Gulf Coast (which they dug) in less than 3 months. Maybe we should call NASA instead of Tesoro.

.....still people in your political camp continue to hold water for people who don't deserve it because these "greatest minds" draw a paycheck from someone other than Uncle Sam. Folks employed in the private sector (especially people who spend a good part of their day solving problems for their company) should find this whole debacle as completely offensive. I know I do. But most don't because they can't find the strength to break free from there dogma for just one second. Just one.

The excuses and projecting are almost as pathetic as the solutions to the spill itself.

TerryN said...

A few dozen engineers and a few dozen private industry contractors, who designed and engineered most of the components after winning the competition for the lowest bid.

I think the concept was teamwork. Something seriously lacking by this, boot on the neck, clueless, administration.

J. Strupp said...

Yet the fact remains that it's been months and the greatest minds in the industry have no idea what to do. Even as BP falls into self preservation mode.....still nothing.

Environmental impacts aside, it's possible that we're watching one of the world's largest corporations destroy itself in a matter of months.

Dad29 said...

Really? NOTHING?

First they tried capping the leak with a house. Then they tried plugging the hole. Now they're trying another version of the cap and at the same time drilling a new hole to intercept.

That's FOUR versions of "nothing".

Unless you define "something" as a perfect 100% success, like Porkulus, right?

J. Strupp said...

"nothing" should be read as "no positive results whatsoever".

Of course, I have a narrow definition of "success" on this issue. For example, I would contend that trying to cap a hole in the ground for 3 months and your efforts result in the rate of oil flow INCREASING as "no positive results whatsoever".

TerryN said...

It's really sad that the Obama Admin. didn't waive the Jones Act when foreign help when was offered shortly after the spill. We'll never know how much oil could have been contained before it made landfall. Maybe all of it?

Didn't want to piss of his union backers I suppose.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Denying foreign help. Denying Kevin Costner's help. Denying Jindhal the opportunity to cut through the bs to stop the oil from hitting the shoreline. Saying "screw the booms" in the warehouse in Maine.

OH YEAH, the current administration is doing an excellent job of trying to remedy the issue. BP may not be so hot here, but they aren't the only ones.

Obama is a two bit hack and a pathetic excuse for a president.

Where is General Honore here to inform Struppy that he is "STUCK ON STUPID!"

TerryN said...

Now the A-hole in Chief has the BP execs praising him to the media after their, 50 days too late, meeting today. I'm sure the boyz from Chicago made some kind of deal that included this public praise.

What a fckd-up mess in the Gulf and the White House.

neomom said...

The reason that the other oil companies are not working with BP on this is due more to the lawyers that Obama/Holder have sic'd upon BP and the holy pictures that the Congress is posing for with these ridiculously-timed "hearings".
Then with the corporate culture.

The only thing this administration has done with the blame game is to limit cooperation, limit communication, and increase red tape. Just ask the locals that think Bush on Katrina was a model of efficiency compared to Obama here.

Epic. Fail.

J. Strupp said...

"The reason that the other oil companies are not working with BP on this is due more to the lawyers that Obama/Holder have sic'd upon BP and the holy pictures that the Congress is posing for with these ridiculously-timed "hearings".
Then with the corporate culture."

I'm sorry but that's bullshit. BP is in survival mode. Their credit default swaps are exploding. They're at the point of desperation. If "cooperation" or the lack thereof was THE problem in getting help to fix this crisis, they would PAY for a solution. Look, these guy DON'T HAVE A SOLUTION folks. Not Exxon, not anyone. You can project this failure on the administration all you want. They don't fix holes in the bottom of the ocean I'm afraid. And unless the international community has the largest box of Oil-Dri known to man, lifting the Jones Act ain't gonna get it done either. This is BP's problem.

The Obama administration will be judged on the clean up response and recovering the financial damages associated with this spill. No question about it. They're responsible for the response and success (or unsuccess) of the clean up effort. But BP has to fix the hole in the seafloor. Period. And they don't know how. This is clear.

On a side note, if your "movement" wants to ever be taken seriously, you folks are gonna have to stop running to the defense of every big corporation in this country, even when they're clearly in the wrong. That's what modern day Republicans do. This sure looks like the same product in different packaging.