Monday, June 14, 2010

FCC Mission Creep

The FCC would like to institute "Net Neutrality" for the benefit of TehWon's BFFs at Google.

So it will become Mr. Rogers. Moron discovers their agenda:

...the FCC apparently finds this inadequate, concerned that absent their interventions, the mouth breathers who pay their salaries would just sit at home, gape-jawed as YouTube videos stutter and buffer, theorizing that the elves inside the magic box have fallen ill, or perhaps that the internet tubes have become clogged with “bits” resulting in attempts to poor Drano down the cable modem.

"I'm here from the Government to he'p you!!"

1 comment:

Tim Morrissey said...

And a large Amen from the peanut gallery. "We got cloggage in da tubes!"