Monday, June 14, 2010

Crisis Exploitation--Coming Soon to a Theater Near You


So there's a problem in the Gulf (and it is a large problem.)

The Axelrod/RahmAJamma/Obama response?

Make it a BIGGER problem. Call it "9/11"!!

Then shut down 10,000 productive jobs and hit the airwaves.

Obama — facing mounting criticism of his handling of the BP gusher, even from longtime allies — vowed to make a “bold” push for a new energy law even as the calamity continues to unfold. And he said he will use the rest of his presidency to try to put the United States on a course toward a “new way of doing business when it comes to energy.”

The "bold" push? Will that be like Salazar's bold lie about the report?

Can't wait to find out. After all, the Dow went up last week. Time for Obama to act and crash it.

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