Friday, April 02, 2010

Who Wrote This?


As Easter of 2010 approaches, though, if for no other reason than that we remember Martin Niemöller’s post-war regret at not having spoken up for the Jews in due season, we might fitly major in sympathy, understanding, and prayer for the courteous and learned aged prelate who is right now a walking target for innumerable hellish darts launched by theological Modernists and by the unbelieving world that have between them zero tolerance for any crisp, clear, and confident confession of Christ Jesus our Incarnate God.

Well, that's from John Stephenson.

Writing in a scholarly quarterly, Logia.

Published by the Lutherans.

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GOR said...

Yes Dad, I had read that article by Professor Stephenson and was very impressed and grateful for his forthright and honest appraisal of the Holy Father and the forces conspiring against him.

It is instructive to note that Pope Benedict gets more support and appreciation from a Lutheran theologian than he has gotten from some Catholic theologians and members of the hierarchy.