Saturday, April 03, 2010

The War Party Resurgent

Chuck-You Schumer, Evan Bayh, and the Token (R) all seem to favor war with Iran. (One could ask what Mark Belling is doing in that group.) PJBuchanan calls them out.

Danielle Pletka of the American Enterprise Institute, Neocon Central, writes, "The only questions remaining, one Washington politico tells me, are who starts it, and how it ends."

As to who starts it, we know the answer. Teheran has not started a war in memory and is not going to launch a suicide attack on a superpower with thousands of nuclear weapons. As with Iraq in 2003, the war will be launched by the United States against a nation that did not attack us -- to strip it of weapons it does not have.

The smoke and fog of propaganda is already filling the air (and newspapers):

This week, in a hyped headline, "CIA: Iran capable of producing nukes," the Washington Times said that a new CIA report claims, "Iran continues to develop a range of capabilities that could be applied to producing nuclear weapons, if a decision is made to do so."

Excuse me, but this is mush. We could say the same of a dozen countries that use nuclear power and study nuclear technology.

Is it really "smoke and fog"? You tell me.

If Iran has secret plants working on nuclear weapons, why have we not been told where, and demanded that U.N. inspectors be let in? Why did 16 U.S. intelligence agencies, three years ago, tell us they did not exist and Iran gave up its drive for a nuclear weapon in 2003?

People who have read my blog for a long time recall that I was NOT enthusiastic about the invasion of Iraq, nor of the "democratization" folly.

Let's hope that the US doesn't commit more troops and treasure on another wild-goose chase.


Deekaman said...

I can see arguments for and against hitting Iran. What I have a problem with is the lefts BDS over Iraq, but their willingness to go after Iran under very similar pretenses.

I wonder if Code Pink will try to arrest The Chosen One.

Grim said...

Iran has not what now? If you want a legitimate causus belli, I've personally been shot at with Iranian rockets on numerous occasions. Their EFPs have killed many US soldiers in Iraq. They have been hip-deep in training and supplying our enemies, and providing them with intelligence and strategic guidance.

Now, I'm not part of the 'war party' on this occasion; I have no desire to wage war with Iran. However, as much as I love Pat Buchanan, he's talking out of his hat.