Saturday, April 03, 2010

Name-Calling and Whining Distracts from ObamaCare FAIL

Obama's running around the country trying to make ObamaCare popular, but that effort is a miserable fail.

So the obvious solution is to start name-calling, pouting, and kvetching about Limbaugh, Beck, and the TEA Party folks.

This healthcare thing apparently isn’t working out too well politically for President Barack Obama. His approval rating fell to a record low of 44 percent in the latest CBS News Poll.

That compares to 49 percent in late March, just before the healthcare reform bill became law. His approval rating was 50 percent in January and 68 percent last April.

Obama does even worse on healthcare. Only 34 percent of respondents approve of his healthcare policy, down from 41 percent in late March, 40 percent in January and 49 percent in July.

And it's not just ObamaCare.

Only 42 percent of poll respondents approve of Obama’s handling of the economy, down from 45 percent before the healthcare passage, though up slightly from 41 percent in January. Still, it’s a plunge from 61 percent last April.

Given that ObamaCare forced a write-down of lotsa Corporate earnings--which could have been used for wage increases, R&D, (etc.), we're not surprised. Given that ObamaGreen will increase the price of a car by ~$1,000 in 5 years, we're not surprised. Given that ObamaCare will increase the cost of a health-insurance policy by $umpty-mega-bucks in the next couple of years, we're not surprised.

Obama better find new enemies to pout, whine, and bitch about. He'll need a lot more than just Limbaugh, Beck, and the TEA Party folks.

And at the rate he's going, he'll HAVE a lot more enemies: the entire population of the US!

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