Friday, April 09, 2010

There WILL Be a Moving Bill

Relocation is so damn expensive.

Lt. Gen. William G. Webster, the commander of the United States Third Army, [...] spoke at a military base in the Kuwaiti desert before a vast sandscape upon which were armored trucks that had been driven out of Iraq and were waiting to be junked, sent home or taken on to Kabul, Afghanistan.

The general is not moving elephants, but the scale and intricacy of the operation are staggering. The military says there are 3.1 million pieces of equipment in Iraq, from tanks to coffee makers, two-thirds of which are to leave the country. Of that, about half will go on to Afghanistan, ...

Where does the other half go?

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Grim said...


The better question: where does the 1/3 go that isn't leaving the country? We're giving it to them, free and clear.