Friday, April 09, 2010

Doom! Destruction!! Doppler!!!!

This Madison curmudgeon gets it.

Chicken Little is alive in Madison, and he’s disguised as “Severe Doppler Radar”. I laughed out loud when I heard this new term Tuesday night on one of the local TV stations. It’s the station that’s always tracking storms. “Severe Doppler”. Of course, there is no such thing; it’s just the latest example of the fear-mongering done by the weather folks.

His diagnosis is dead-on, by the way--read the rest.

I was reminded of Election night here. All the local stations pulled their election-results crawl to highlight a thunderstorm (lighting!!!! wind!!!! RAIN!!!!) working its way through Washington and Sheboygan counties.

Not that long ago, we took "rain" and "wind" for granted in Wisconsin spring.

Now, the expectation is that we are ninnies, I guess.

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