Friday, April 02, 2010

EPA Mandates "Greenhouse Gas" Reductions in Autos

What we really need is ANOTHER Federal bunch of yahoos regulating auto tailpipes--and sure enough, Obama's EPA is happy to jump right in there.

To go with the extremely ambitious new mileage requirements of NHTSA, EPA has created new "greenhouse gas" emissions restraints for autos and light trucks.

Under the regulations, which begin in 2011, automakers would be required to reduce fleet-wide GHG emissions steadily each year, beginning at 295 grams of carbon dioxide per mile and culminating in a cap of no more than 250 grams per mile by the 2016 model year.

It is not proven that CO2 is a 'pollutant,' nor a contributor to "global warming."

But nevermind. Your Gummint will regulate it!

Regulation and Control is what they DO, folks.

Al Mannato, fuels issues manager for the American Petroleum Institute, the trade association of the oil and natural gas industry, echoed Inhofe, explaining that the EPA’s action was the first step in expanding its regulatory authority over all GHG emitters. He noted that there was little difference between the new EPA standards and the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ) standards.

“The NHTSA [National Highway Transportation Safety Administration] CAFE standards get you virtually all the way there,” Mannato said. “There’s just a very, very small difference between the standard as EPA passed it and the standard as NHTSA passed it, and, in fact, you could have made the NHTSA standard a little more stringent and then you wouldn’t need [EPA].

But that's not the point, Al. EPA wants more command-and-control traction, and they'll take it.

It's what they do, Al.


Deekaman said...

It's craziness. And it will continue until we change Congress, then the White House. If we fail to make the change in November, we are done.

As for CO2, EPA wants to use the CAA as authority, but they plan to use an allowable emissions level that is orders of magnitude different than other HAPS (I want to say 25 Tons vs. 250 Tons - but I don't have it at my fingertips). But that may not fly with the courts. (Equal Protection) If that happens, expect the more onerous regulation and a large number of businesses to go under. design.

Auto Insurance said...

Now all automakers have to take care of the greenhouse gases. As they have to reduced according to the order of EPA.