Friday, April 02, 2010

Cdl. George's NutBag Gets an Honor--From Cdl. George

There's really no other way to headline this.

...on April 7 the archdiocese [of Chicago] will honor Fr. Michael Pfleger for his work for “social justice.” Pfleger has lavished praise on The Nation of Islam’s maximum leader Louis Farrakhan…and had him speak several times at Catholic Mass…Farrakhan, who has called Judaism a “gutter religion.” Pfleger wants handguns confiscated and has no great concern about legal niceties. He shouted at a crowd gathered in front of a legally constituted gun shop last year…calling to the owner "come out like the rat you are or we’ll DRAG YOU OUT!”

He also mentioned the phrase “snuff you out.” Even Jesse Jackson got scared at that one.

Pfleger is the guy the archdiocese thinks merits a social justice award.

Mentioned by Tom Roeser. Also mentioned is the fact that Cdl. George wants Roeser to be silenced.

When Cdl George was the Bishop of Spokane, he seemed to have common sense, or so it was reported by a reliable friend of mine at the time.

Well. Either my friend was dead wrong, or Cdl. George has suffered from Illinois-itis.

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