Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Local Pro-Abortion Nuns

Oh, yeah, there are a few.

They signed a letter pleading for ObamaCare to be passed.

Debra M. Sciano, SSND
Provincial Leader
Milwaukee Province, School Sisters of Notre Dame

Marlene Weisenbeck, FSPA
Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration
La Crosse, WI

Sharon Simon, OP
Racine Dominicans

Maryann A. McMahon, O.P.
Vice President
Dominican Sisters of Racine, WI

Agnes Johnson, OP
Vice President
Racine Dominicans

Pat Mulcahey, OP
Prioress of Sinsinawa Dominicans

Theresa Sandok, OSM
Servants of Mary (Servite Sisters)
Ladysmith, Wisconsin

Sister Maureen McCarthy
School Sisters of St. Francis
U.S. Provincial Team
Milwaukee, WI

Pray for them. They know not what they do.



jimspice said...

Good to see you're comfortable in that God's jury role.

Deekaman said...

God never told us to not judge right from wrong. Wrong is wrong and we are to point it out.

But just like any Liberal, our friend Mr.Spice-boy has to make s--t up. Good for you.

Amy said...

Oh, Jim, the theological ignorance of your comment is absolutely astounding.

jimspice said...

Yep, I'm just as ignorant as all those sinning nuns.

Geez, there is NO money for abortion in this bill, and actually is more restrictive than current law!

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

I have to disagree Dad, they know exactly what they are doing.
Jim, you want to lay off the KoolAid.

Billiam said...

Sorry, Padre', mr. Spice is a true believer. You'll not get through to him.

Anonymous said...

Every single nun listed should be removed from their positions and excommunicated! In fact, why doesn't every RCC diocese demand a litmus test for its members, who have to take an official oath proving their faith in God. They must verbally state that, without question, against abortion, homosexuality, etc. or you are banned. Removed. Completely. End of story. Especially those fake Christians who pose as real Christians in positions of power, like the Kennedys. Because there are way too many CINO's in our congregations, right? Why even allow those kinds of people to sit next to me in MY pew?

Let the purge begin!

Anonymous said...

Not only should those nuns be removed, some of those orders should be entirely suppressed for their hostility to the Magisterium of the Church and their hostility towards the traditional norms of Catholic religious life (habits, fasting, communal living, etc.) It is sad to say, but these religious orders like the School Sisters of St. Francis cannot die out fast enough.

peace begins in the womb said...

I feel very badly for the older, pro-life, and traditional sisters. The convents have been taken over by these feminist radicals who believe in social justice everywhere else but the womb. These people are actually teaching children?

We are trusting our health to radical pro-aborts like our Prez who wouldn't even approve of the Born Alive Bill in Illinois. Jill Stanek, a pro-life nurse, had to hold a live supposed aborted baby until she died in her arms. She was told to leave the baby in the closet to die. Yes, our dear Prez advocated for babies born alive to just be killed.

Seniors, disabled people, pregnant women, be very scared of these evil people.

You sisters are a shame and I am never going to another rummage sale!

On a positive note, there is an order of pro-life sisters who are doing the work that our lib sistas don't want to do.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, I'm the first anony, and I actually was being sarcastic. True, it's a terrible trick, but
it's sad how we, as religious minded people, view others who are "different" in their faith. That's where the seeds of hate are sown. Be very scared of these evil people, indeed!

Badger Catholic said...

How did Wisconsin end up such a hotbed of dissent?

jimspice said...

More Catholics from which to disassociate yourselves...

Dad29 said...

Umnnhh....Jim, my man.....NCR has dissociated itself from the Church for about 30 years or more.

They are to Catholicism like the MSM is to conservatism. Ne'er the twain shall meet.

And, first Anony, you were right in your first post.

Al said...

The following quote is what r. Patricia OP of the SINsinawa Dissdents said in a front page article of our local paper about her signing the letter: "My signing does not contradict what our bishops teach about abortion and their demand that federal monies not pay for abortions."

She basicly called everyone who opposed her view a liar. That would include Cardinal George, the USCCB etc.

Of course the TH didn't have anything about the rsponse to their letter in today's paper.