Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Does Eric Holder Actually Have a DEGREE?

Get this one.

CULBERSON: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. And thank you, Mr. Attorney General for appearing before us. In response a moment ago to a question from the chairman, you said that terrorists have the same rights as Charles Manson, correct?

HOLDER: I said that murderers have the same rights as Charles Manson. And if these people are charged with murder in essence that's -- those are the kinds of rights that they would get.

CULBERSON: And terrorists who have murdered U.S. citizens and the approach of your Department of Justice is they have the same rights as Charles Manson?

HOLDER: In the sense that a murder has the right to go before a jury, get the acts that he's charged with proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Yes.

CULBERSON: So therefore, Osama bin Laden in your opinion has the same rights as Charles Manson?

HOLDER: In some ways I think they're -- they're comparable people. In some ways..

(Testimony/House Foreign Affairs Committee, 3/16/10)

In some ways. They are both of the species homo sapiens, and both have (very) bloody hands. But I haven't seen documents affirming that OBL is a US citizen. There is nothing--not a scintilla, not a sou, not a mite of evidence that OBL is anything other than an illegal combatant.

Except in the alleged "mind" of Eric Holder.

Not that long ago, a college degree was awarded only to those people who could actually think and understand distinctions. I know that Liberalism prefers not to deal in such trivia; it makes their widdle heads hurt--but this guy has 2 friggin' degrees!

For what?

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Anonymous said...

So, not having a college degree is derogatory when serving a high political position?

I assume you're not supporting Scott Walker for governor then, as he is a college dropout...