Friday, February 12, 2010

Why Ryan's Plan Has Cachet

Ticker joins Barry Ritholtz in pointing to ALL the facts and ALL the perps, not just those with the (D) label. In Ticker's column, he rips Ann Coulter a new one for forgetting about the (R) bozos.

And there are plenty of (R) bozos.

There's a larger story beyond the snippet below--and the name on the story is Paul Ryan.

...trapped in a box of their own design and construction Republicans and Democrats alike are trying to eat one another in a partisan flame-fest that accomplishes exactly nothing other than making the problem worse. Neither is willing to accept that we have made promises we cannot keep - and thus we must be straight with The American People and tell them we are breaking them so they can prepare to be on their own in this regard. Neither will cut the cord from Wall Street to Washington DC - there are 200+ year old fraud statutes that are more than sufficient as the predicates to bring charges for the most-egregious acts of these "Masters of The Universe" during the bubble years - we need no new laws, the existing, old-fashioned ones would do just fine.

No, President Obama's plans, along with those of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will not make things better. But neither will claims that The Republicans have a "better idea."

I've yet to hear either party stand up and say "if you ripped someone off during the last decade, no matter how you did it, you are going to jail!" as the central theme in their campaign, yet that is exactly what we need to hear - across this land - if we are to reclaim this nation from the brink of a financial collapse that still looms large to this day

There's plenty more at the link.

The reason that Paul Ryan's Roadmap is gaining traction is because it's a frank assessment of the country's financial situation combined with forthright proposals to fix it.

The "No Taxes" crowd won't fix it, nor will the "Spend Even More!!" crowd. Both would love to live in the alternative universe of the late 1900's.

But that's gone, guys.

And I still have ammo for Ann's jihad!

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