Thursday, February 11, 2010

Banker Bonus Buddies: Republicans?

Coulter notes a social trend. If the Republicans aren't careful, it is they who will be picking up the social disease.

The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are bristling with the news that Republicans have decided now is the time to suck up to Wall Street. As the saying goes, there is no truer friend than a Wall Street arbitrageur...

The Democrats are acting as if they want to punish everyone in the financial-services industry, including the innocent, while the Republicans seem to want to protect everyone on Wall Street, including the guilty.

How about just punishing the guilty? The Democrats can't do that because the list of Wall Street's biggest offenders may turn out to be eerily similar to the list of Obama's biggest campaign contributors.

GoldmanSachs, ........Citi, .......JPMorganChase........

The point of all that? The Republicans who are in wholesale "adopt-a-banker" mode are asking for trouble. But then, we don't call them "The Stupid Party" for nothing.

Republicans should defend any investment houses that never benefited from a government bailout. But anyone who took huge gambles, lost and got bailed out with taxpayer money should be tortured and then shot, miraculously brought back to life, tortured some more, then shot a few more times.

I have ammo!!

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