Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Attack Puppy

Folkbum, whose understanding of economics came directly from reading Superman comix.

It's easy, if you begin with a cockamamie definition of the terms, to come to the wrong conclusion.

When voters hear about plans to add a new 8.5% consumption tax and dump people from Social Security and Medicare while trimming the taxes of the already well off, they tend to start complaining.

I guess it's difficult to read the whole thing. After all, if "solutions" don't fit onto a bumper-sticker, then how could we expect (cough) certain people to understand them?

It is true that some (R) folk are unhappy with Ryan's plan. There's a reason: they are wedded to last century's model of "Gummint takes care of all ills and I get re-elected."

Besides, the old model doesn't require reading for comprehension.

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