Sunday, February 07, 2010

Whoopsie! Doyle ........Ahhh........Mis-mouthed


Construction of a planned high-speed rail line between Wisconsin's two largest cities will employ a maximum of 4,732 people at its peak in 2012, state figures show, despite earlier claims from Gov. Jim Doyle's administration that the project would create some 13,000 jobs.

8,000 here, 8,000 there, what's the difference?

...the job-creation figures listed in the grant application reflect total employment during each year of construction: 1,281 this year, 4,060 next year, 5,535 in 2012, 1,847 in 2013, 621 in 2014 and 250 in 2015. Only by adding all of those annual figures together would one reach a total of "nearly 13,000 jobs" - 12,723, to be precise - by 2013, or 13,594 by the time construction ends.

Some of the jobs connected to the project would be filled by the same people from year to year, conceded Chris Klein, executive assistant to state Transportation Secretary Frank Busalacchi. Other jobs would be short-term positions replaced by other short-term positions. For example, workers would be needed to clear land for track upgrades and station construction at the beginning of the project, while those working in the middle of the project would be laying tracks and building bridges and stations, Klein said.

Only 55 permanent jobs would be created to operate and maintain the trains, tracks and stations, starting in 2013, the application says.

Get your resume in now; there may only be 2 or 3 jobs, and they will be for dismantling the boondoggle.

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