Sunday, February 07, 2010

Speaking of Missing Jobs

In the post below, we note that Jim Doyle, Liar-in-Chief of Wisconsin, overstated his ChooChoo jobs by only 8,000--about 260%.

Then there's this:

...facts do not deter the environmentalists in the Legislature. They simply recast their bill as a "green jobs bill." They and Gov. Jim Doyle assert that the 25% mandate will result in 15,000 green jobs.

Even more inexplicable is the absence of any visible economic model for the massive energy conversion.

Well, John, let me help you with that. The reason that there IS no economic model is because the assertion is a bald-faced LIE, not all that different from Doylet's "13,000" choochoo jobs.

And as we also know, the mandate will COST about 43,000 jobs in the real economy--the one the taxpayers are forced to live in after the smoke clears from Legislative and Executive action.

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Deekaman said...

Somebody needs to tell Torinus that Doyle, et al don't care what he or anyone else thinks. They know better and we're stupid.

Torinus is also old enough to know how big an improvement the environment has made since he was a kid.