Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vatican Crackdown on Abusers

Benedict XVI is much more aggressive about child-molesting priests, and more's coming.

In a Monday preview of the "mini-synod," the Irish Independent reported that each diocesan bishop will have a seven-minute private audience with the pontiff, following which the prelates will meet with the heads of the dicasteries with competence on sex abuse: the Congregations for the Doctrine of the Faith, Bishops, and Clergy.

Additionally, the Irish summit could offer another unforeseen development; the video-based service said earlier this week that B16 was preparing to sign "a special document that will prevent child molestation cases within the church and would punish those who commit those crimes."

If the report pans out, the move would cap a years-long process -- attempts at crafting more stringent universal norms for abuse cases have reportedly been underway since the first months of the current pontificate.

Naturally, current Canon Law provides for disciplines and punishment of offenders, but nothing is specific to child-abuse per se.

This should be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

wow. 7 whole minutes! and he's PREPARING to sign a SPECIAL document.

yes, more paper, more protocol, more talking about the problem. That'll solve it.

And before you offer your typical sardonic response Dad, please consider these 5 words: Cardinal. Law. Retired. In. Rome.

The day Law, Mahoney, et al face justice in this world is the day I believe Pope BXVI has a more than a clue and something of an actual concern.

Aside from that, I think he's a pretty good Pope.

Dad29 said...

Umnnhhhh....neither of us know exactly what that document will say, right?

Will it say "talk about this"?

I doubt it.

We'll see what Law, Mahony, (et al) face after that document is released.

Of course, there is the justice of the next world, too. I hope you didn't forget about that.

Anonymous said...

You know Dad, I'd like to be as optimistic as you uncharacteristically seem to be in this instance. But can any document be clearer than what Canon law already says about such perversion. Not to mention the Gospels. Indeed, Jesus probably selected a Millstone very deliberately for its Mass and Weight to convey the gravity of the sin.

I fear the Pope is either still not clear on all that has transpired or, worse, is rationalizing the problem as much as his predecesors.

Sure, let's see what the document says. I'm sure the Diocesan attorneys will have a well parsed and nuanced response.....

7 minutes. hell, think if this was really serious. He might allocate 9or even 10...

Dad29 said...

you're cherrypicking the article.

B-16 will see each for 7 minutes, and THEN they will be sent to other Vatican guns for even MORE time in the tank.

Or do you propose that B-16 spend, say, 2-3 hours with each of these guys?

The message is very clear, even though it does not seem to meet YOUR standards.

GOR said...

The seven-minute private meetings with each bishop should not be dismissed. At regular Ad Limina visits the bishops meet with the Holy Father in groups, not individually. It wouldn't be physically possible anyway, given the hundreds of bishops visiting year in, year out.

That the Holy Father is doing this is indicative of a number of things. One, that he takes this very seriously. And two, all of the Irish bishops are not on the same page about what happened, the reports on it and how it should be addressed.

There has been some very vocal criticism of Ab. Martin of Dublin by other bishops and priests. I'm sure Pope Benedict wants to hear all sides before pronouncing on it and ensure that going forward the Irish Hierarchy are of one mind on what needs to be done.