Saturday, February 06, 2010

USCC's Rot at the Top: The Lesson

The USCC's Campaign for Human Development has taken a number of body-blows in the last several months.

That's largely because the Catholic Bishops didn't bother to listen 10 YEARS ago when similar problems surfaced with the Campaign for Human Development.

The most recent event was the discovery that a CHD poohbah, John Carr, was a Board member of something called CCC, which promotes abortion and homosexual "marriage," and that CCC was awarded $150K by CHD--and was supported by CHD until this grenade blew up in the USCC's lap.

And it's clear that some Bishops still just don't get it.

The key word is ALINSKY.

Deal Hudson has it in a nutshell:

Dr. Deal Hudson of Catholic Advocate, another RCN member, told LSN that “the reports were never intended to target John Carr or question his pro-life credentials.” Hudson added: “The intent was to present more evidence that the grant making process at CCHD needs serious overhaul. They were to underscore the need for the USCCB to rethink its relationships to social service and community organizing institutions.”

"Community organizing institutions" Gee, where have we heard that before?

Oh, yah. As it turns out, that's SAUL ALINSKY'S game. And as a perceptive San Francisco Catholic put it, THEY LIE!

Maybe someday Bishops will figure out that lying down with dogs gets you the fleas--or that "intentions" are nice, but "actualities" are what count.


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