Saturday, February 06, 2010

Did Obama Quit on ObamaCare?

Here's the lede from AP:

No, maybe he can't. President Barack Obama, who insisted he would succeed where other presidents had failed to fix the nation's health care system, now concedes the effort may die in Congress.

And here's the third-last graf:

A number of Democratic lawmakers and liberal groups believe the only way to enact a worthwhile health care package is to have House Democrats hold their noses and vote for a bill the Senate passed on Christmas Eve with no GOP help. It has many provisions that House members don't like, such as a tax on high-cost health insurance plans, and they would insist that senators also pass legislation to change some of them using a controversial procedure not subject to Republican filibusters.

At face value, the remarks are Obama's way of dis-associating himself from ObamaCare, and putting (D) Congresscritters on the griddle when they run with their "yea" votes on the record.

IOW, it's every man for himself.

But I seriously doubt that Obama's walking away from this thing.

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Deekaman said...

Neither TCO nor the Congressional Dems are "walking away". At worst, they are biding their time until the next opportunity.