Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Unusual Electric Power Event

Out here in Almost-West-Nowhere, we had three power interruptions within 10 minutes last night. Just tiny little events....except for the third one

First time we'd ever had a power surge. Two circuit breakers blew open AND a surge-protector for the television/VCR/stereo blew, too.

It also took out a lightbulb. But it did not trip the surge protector hooked to the PC/printer/screen.



Amy said...

We lost power for 15-20 seconds last night, during which there was a bluish orb-like, pulsating flash outside our window. My mom insists it was lightning, but didn't see it. I'm not so sure, and neither is my brother who did see it.

Dad29 said...

Poletop transformers were popping all over the area last night.

We are beginning to think that the power surge resulted from a lightning-strike somewhere along the lines.