Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Public Option Gone?

Well, kinda.

Klein of the AmSpec blog is the best-informed guy on ObamaCare.

Although they have not yet announced details, reports in recent days have centered on a pact that would have the entity that runs the federal employee health care system oversee the creation of privately administered non-profit plans that would be offered on the new government exchanges. In return for giving up the public option, liberals would be rewarded with a plan to expand Medicare to those age 55 and over...

Brian Beutler reports that the deal still leaves open the possibility of a "triggered" public option, and that the Medicare expansion would be begin in 2011. While there would be no subsidies for the first three years, after 2014, Medicare would be offered on the exchanges to those over 55, who would be able to use the subsidies already created by the bill to pay for it. And, according to Beutler, Medicaid would not be expanded to 150 percent of the federal poverty level.

Nothing here changes my opinion that this is single-payer by other means--that is, it'll get there sooner or later.

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