Thursday, December 17, 2009

Union Labor

That's the result of Union Labor in Milwaukee County.

Photo credit: Democrat Party of Wisconsin


capper said...

Union must be conservative-speak for incompetent conservative leadership.

How is it the union's fault that Walker downsized them over the years to the point that he could finally kill them off?

Deekaman said...

Of course, Cap. They can't clean a friggin' toilet because of Walker.


Think about what a moronic statement that is.

capper said...

Yes, Deekaman, you are a moron, but I'm too polite to point that out.

Deekaman said...

Yes, of course. I disagree with you and you call names.

You aren't worth my time. Dickhead.

(Oh, I called you a name. Now you follow with,"hypocrite". You're that predictable s4!7head).

Deekaman said...

Now, dumbass, explain to our audience how your statement can possibly be true. That someone can't clean a toilet because of Walker.

God, I'm glad that, unlike you I was able to overcome my government/union run education.

capper said...

Aw, Geekaman, if you were someone, I might have felt hurt.

As for your explanation, I've been providing it for a long time. Even most conservatives can see through the lies.

I guess you're just not that smart. All the worse for you.

Anonymous said...

You can tell that was purposely clogged. Who the hell would use it if it had that much paper already in it.

Deekaman said...

Of course. I'm not a Leftist Union Thug who needs to suck on the government tit for my daily bread, so I'm an idiot.

Even the UAW is seeing the Dumbocrap Party for what it is.

Of course. Your comments speak for themselves.

But, in the ability to stoop exceedingly low, you ARE the best.

capper said...

The funniest part is you don't even realize how you keep proving me correct. You really should give up while you're only losing by a lot.

Deekaman said...

I'm wrestling with a pig. I'll never get this time back.

So, tell me, oh splendiferous one. Exactly how am I proving your point?

capper said...

Reread your comments.

Deekaman said...

No, you tell me. You are so friggin' smart. Tell me.

Deekaman said...

Nah. You are no longer worth my time.

See ya. You win.

Anonymous said...

Capper = Crapper

See, I can play like a lazy Democrat..........

TerryN said...

"Yes, Deekaman, you are a moron, but I'm too polite to point that out."

There's a medical term for people who think like this. Any mental health professionals know the term?

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Plain and simple, the union babies that clean the Milwaukee county courthouse are "striking" until the end of the year when they lose their jobs. Walker privatized the cleaning services starting January 1 to save the tax payers money. The democratic party of Milwaukee is trying to play their spin on it. Fortunately, nobody believes any of the bs that the democrats/unions are spewing anymore.

On a side note, you know that whomever plugged up that toilet did it intentionally to try and make Walker look bad. Just like a union baby and the democrats to resort to "toilet" tactics.

neomom said...

Interesting take on things, eh...

Hubby was a union person working in building maintenance (until we moved) for a formerly largely successful Milwaukee company. They had very few people in their crew, yet managed to keep the toilets unclogged.

With this type of work from the county union employees, The only thing unfortunate that they can't get rid of them a couple of weeks early and bring in the new crew now.

capper said...

Salesman and Neomom-

Do you even read the news, or just listen to the voices. The workers last day was 12/11/09. They were given their pink slips the day before Thanksgiving, BTW.

The private company doesn't have the workers to do the job yet and won't until the end of January. Until then, Walker gave the same company a secondary contract to do just the big bathrooms and the hallways.

You're "tax savings" have already been spent, benefiting only one man. Nice job there people.

I also notice how you are all avoiding the fact that the owner of the private company is a big time donor to the Walker campaign, and gave $1000 to Walker the same month Walker announced he wanted to privatize these jobs.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Capper, your Engrish skills are impeccable.

Ex. - "You're".

Now how can I take you seriously if you failed grammar 101?

Oh, and if you can cite this donation you speak of and the connection there, that would be wonderful.

Did this company owner donate to him in the past? And for what amounts?

And if it is fuzzy, does that upset you that Walker is stealing plays from the Doyle "pay to play-book"????

Really, you liberals are incredible.

capper said...

Oh noes! You gotz me on a spellling errur.

Too bad I have the facts:

Not Walker's first time either. Look into Phoenix Care, the Weas brothers and Kujawa for beginners.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Such a reputable news source, too!

capper said...

Heh. I don't like it either, what with their pro-Walker agenda, but one has to work with what one has.

Dad29 said...

The County uses a 100-point screening method for choosing vendors. Walker does NOT sit on the screening panel.

Methodology includes quality of service, price, technical capability, (etc.) The winning bidders scored over 90 points each.

Aprahamian also contributed $1K to Barrett.

capper said...

Not when the city was deciding to privatize.

And who appoints that board? Mmmm?

Spin away and you'll still have the truth in your face.

Besides, even if we went with your argument, it still violated the law.

neomom said...

So to capper -

folks who donate to Democrats and then receive contracts = good

folks who donate to Republicans and then receive contracts = eeeeeevvvvvviiiiiillllllll

You'd have a lot more credibility if you even pretended to be bothered by Diamond Jim and his band of corruptocrats.

capper said...

If you read any of my stuff, you would realize I am not a big Doyle fan.

But whether Democrat or Republican, I think it is wrong.

Can you say the same? Judging from your comment, I would guess not.

neomom said...

No - I actually believe that both parties are political whores.

The difference between us? You only bitch (ad nauseum) about one side. That sir, makes you intellectually dishonest and a political hack.

capper said...

Gee, neomom, I can provide posts I've written criticizing Doyle, the County Board and the state legislature.

But you don't write anything bad about the conservatives - none that I've seen anyway.

Any other lies I can disprove for you?

neomom said...

Any other lies I can disprove for you?

That Republicans are conservatives.

capper said...

That's the problem you find when you mix labels and adjectives. No sane person is all conservative or all liberal, regardless of how they may describe themselves or whatever tags others would want to put on them.