Thursday, December 17, 2009

Logic? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Logic!

Doylet emulates Obama and Biden.

Doyle said any U.S. system needs to give states like Wisconsin that have had high levels of coal use time to comply, perhaps as much as 15 years.

But the governor said it would be a mistake for the state to resist moving away from fossil fuels and transferring to cleaner sources of energy. He said doing so would risk losing an opportunity to build a new economy around green jobs and put Wisconsin at an economic disadvantage with the world.

Umnnhhhhh...'building the economy' is NOT dependent on 'moving away from fossil fuels.'

'Building the economy' has to do with increasing availability of good-paying jobs, no matter what fuels the factories and offices.

But then, our Dipshit President tells us that unless we spend umpty-zillion dollars on ObamaCare, the country will go banko. If nothing else, Doylet's nose is jammed into the correct orifice.

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neomom said...

So how is importing wind turbines and solar panels from China going to create jobs here anyway?

God, just once, I wish somebody would ask these idiots those questions.