Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Taxpayer Funding of Abortion in Budget, Too

The Democrat fixation with life-termination shows up all over the place.

...a group of pro-life senators is concerned that this year's appropriations bills lack longstanding provisions that protect the taxpayer from subsidizing abortion in Washington, D.C., in the foreign aid budget for family planning, and in the federal health plan.

"Democrats have added language to appropriations bills that would fund abortion on demand for residents of the District of Columbia, for federal employees including members of Congress and their staff, and a permanent provision to immunize foreign organizations that want to promote abortion as a method of birth control," reads a statement from Sen. Jim DeMint, R, S.C. "These are changes to existing law that currently protect taxpayers and they cannot stand."

Dave Obey--Chairman of Appropriations and Wisconsin's gift to the death industry.

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