Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Protecting the Hungry From Food

You know the line about the Three Biggest Lies, the last of which is "I'm here from the Government to help you!"?  That one, yah.

When a small church comes to the Bowery Mission bearing fried chicken with trans fat, unwittingly breaking the law, they’re told “thank you.” Then workers quietly chuck the food, mission director Tom Bastile said.

...Lines at soup kitchens are up by 21 percent this year, according to a NYC Coalition Against Hunger report released yesterday. The city’s law banishing trans fat took effect in July 2008 and touched everyone with Health Department food licenses -- including emergency food providers 
--Taranto via Metro via OTR

Bet you just can't wait for ObamaCare....


Billiam said...

It makes one wonder at the sanity of the Nannies. It also makes one wonder at the sanity of the lemmings who follow those who 'know' what's best for the rest of us and will make us conform to their enlightened ways.

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