Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Limit of Liberty

Fr. James Schall, easily one of the best classical/political scholars alive:

Civilization itself, however, is not built on the supposition that the “noble” man “creates” his own values. Liberty is not “creative” of truth. It is the impetus to find truth, to rejoice in it. Truth exists in things before we discover it, especially in our own being.

And his warning:

Civilization depends on there being a truth to which those who suffer under unjust power can turn even in the face of established and enforced wickedness. It is this latter ground that relativism denies us. The central issue behind every public controversy and every threat against our national existence lies here. Yet this is the one threat to civilization that we choose not to recognize. We have “created” our own “values” in order to deny the truth in our being.

Good stuff...


Phelony Jones said...

This was a really good article.

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Dad29 said...

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