Wednesday, December 02, 2009

GM's New Chair Is From AT&T. The Bad News?

Big writeup in the morning newsies about the ex-Chair of AT&T being the new Chair at GM.  And he's lionized as a "Get-er-Done" kinda guy.

This afternoon we read this:

AT&T got some bad news from Consumer Reports this week, as the magazine's latest survey shows that the carrier now has the lowest level of customer satisfaction in the U.S

...AT&T got its lowest marks in the survey for its voice services, as it was the only wireless carrier in the United States to receive below-average marks for its voice quality. Verizon received above average marks for its voice service while T-Mobile and Sprint both received average marks. AT&T also received subpar remarks across the board for its customer service while receiving average marks for its text-messaging and data services.


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Shoebox said...

He may not be the best on quality but he does know how to be successful in oligarichal industries!