Monday, November 09, 2009

You Thought Credit Rating Was Dull, Dull, Dull

Here's a bit of color for your Monday.

Buffett has been the biggest shareholder in Moody’s — a collection of filthy whores and pederasts who were one of the main contributors to the economic collapse — should have raised serious questions as to his judgment in our minds. That he sat by silently as they did their worst, sodomizing the nations credit system for fun and profit was a powerful indictment of Buffett as someone far different than his public persona. In retrospect, as Moody’s was helping to destroy America’s financial system, his merely spouting off aphorisms about about Financial WMDs now looks too cute by half.

Warren Buffett has become the second-most-prominent bloodsucking squid, after Goldman Sachs--of which he owns a big chunk. It helps to also own Moody's!


Jeremy R. Shown said...

I know this post is a comment on Buffet, but I wanted to say that there is another part of the ratings agency story. Namely, it was the buyers of securities, not the buyers of ratings, that were in a position to put the brakes on ratings inflation and didn't.

Anonymous said...

"...a collection of filthy whores and pederasts..."

Wow -- take out the "filthy whore" reference and you could be talking about a significant segment of the Priesthood, Daddy Zero!

Anonymous said...

Dad doesn't even know what a pederast is. Hilarious.