Monday, November 09, 2009

Compare/Contrast Sarah Palin to.....Any of 'Em

May as well get it into the open.

The LeftOWackies and the East Coast Pubbies are on the same page about Sarah.

Briefly, they both despise her.

But as this essay demonstrates, Palin was far more "qualified" for POTUS than most of the last nominees, or wannabees. Result?

A reasonable conclusion is that these qualifications are precisely the cause of the hostility. To admit to the reality that the dominant political class, including the MSM and the punditocracy of both parties, has been giving us abysmal presidential candidates, to accept that a hockey mom plucked from small-town Alaska is better than the best that the political class can come up with, would require recognition of the terrible truth that the system has become deeply dysfunctional. Doing this would force our political elites to look into an abyss of serious questions about the functioning of our democracy. Palin creates a cognitive dissonance so intense that it simply cannot be accepted.

Dysfunctional? Puuhhhllleeeezzz. Scuzzo-bucket (NY-23) was the perfect choice!


Deekaman said...

If she wasn't a better candidate, the Left wouldn't be trying to destroy her. and how is she less qualified than the current POTUS?

Anonymous said...

Let's compare resumes, shall we? On the one hand, a hardscrabble academic record, topped off by that hard-to-obtain degree from the University of Montana, the "Harvard of the Northwest." On the other, an udnergraduate degree from Columbia, topped off with a law degree from Harvard. They really are comparable, aren't they? Get serious for once!

I for one pray for a Palin nomination.

Dad29 said...


He's so........EDUCATED!!

By the way, do you have a transcript from The Won's "education"? Any hard evidence that he was actually at Columbia for 2 years? 3 years?


After all, if "education" makes the man, then certainly we should know lots about it.


Deekaman said...

Anon continues the same theme..."oh...she's just stupid".

First...she's not. Second, don't you think that's wearing a little thin? The Left said it about Reagan..."Just a stupid old man". Then put it on hiatus for Daddy Bush, because he swung pretty well toward that whole statist ideal. It was brought out for Dan Quayle, though because he gaffed on potato. Seriously? Then, because of his Conservative record in Texas (he was...I was there) and the potential for real popularity, followed by some real leadership on 9/11, "W" had to be destroyed. Since he talked a little funny, he had to be stupid. No blue-blood, he (although with a better academic record than Kerry).

Now Palin. Anyone seeing a pattern here? Any Conservative with leadership potential so frightens the Left they must be destroyed. The "stupid" label has worked pretty well. Keep using it.

Last, I know an awful lot of well-educated dolts.

Anonymous said...

What's your theory, Daddy Zero, that the President never graduated from Columbia or Harvard? Are you folks serious about this crap?

Keep digging, Daddy Zero. Like the blind pig, you may find a real "nut"...

Dad29 said...

Is that what I SAID, dipshit?

Learn to read. It will be useful for you someday.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, pretty much that is what you said scumbag.

RAG said...

Ahem...remember who introduced you to Gov. Palin???? ;)

Dad29 said...

Yup. IIRC I didn't believe she would be part of the equasion at the time, either.