Sunday, November 08, 2009

Hypocrisy Naked

The "Social Worker" --Mr. Compassion--shows his true colors.

Later, the technician told her that the baby's neck "is a little bit thicker," an indication that there might be an extra chromosome. A few days later, Down syndrome was confirmed.

"I was scared," Palin said, adding that she asked her husband, Todd, "Why us?" He responded, "Why not?" --quoting Palin's speech

Why us? Gee, Sarah, do you think that you had the baby at the age of 44 years old and have admitted to smoking marijuana, both of each alone can lead to birth defects, could have had something to do with it?

Remember that next time Capper lectures y'all about "compassion." Certain people just don't deserve it, you know?


Anonymous said...

"Remember that next time Capper lectures y'all about "compassion." Certain people just don't deserve it, you know?"

Pot calling kettle black, eh? May God have mercy on EVERYONE's souls.

John Foust said...

Except when Dad29 is being mean and judgmental. He paid for an indulgence to be able to blog like this. It's Chestertonian "muscular Christianity". Basement dartball talk. Nature's Law.

GOR said...

“…could have had something to do with it?”

Reminiscent of the Gospel: “Who sinned – this man or his parents that he should be born blind?” Our Lord’s answer is still the same: “It’s God’s will”.

There was a time when we all knew and accepted that in faith. But today we have become so assured of our own brilliance and ‘technology’ that we can avoid or prevent all defects and evil, all the time. We can’t and never will - this side of eternity.

Anonymous said...

Daddy Zero never really apologized for "piling on" the Lt. Governor. Some boob in Green Bay engages in a little heavy breathing in the microphone and Daddy Zero wets his pants. He can dish it but he can't take it. Is this the moral, Catholic way, Daddy Zero?

capper said...

And here I thought that conservatives like Daddio were all for personal responsibility. I guess there are exceptions like St. Sarah.

Al said...

Capper reminds me of the people who were writing posts on my blog last year cheering the fact that 80-90% of Down Syndrome children were being aborted.

It is funny how the left can spread their hate & call it good, yet if we even dare to say they do something wrong were are the evil hate filled ones.

capper said...

Al, where did I say the child should have been aborted?

Lying is also a sin according to the Bible.

Amy said...

He didn't say YOU said that, he said you remind him of those vile folks. Learn to read.

Funny how pro-lifers are so anti-science, but lefties like capper don't realize Downs is GENETIC, so smoking marijuana likely didn't contribute to Trig's Downs. I don't also know if Trig was "planned"; my dad and his twin were born when my grandmother was in her 40s, too. Surprise blessings DO happen.

Obfuscate all you want, what matters is this: when faced with an unfavorable diagnosis, Sarah Palin did not choose to rip her child apart in the womb. She gave him life.

THAT, capper, is "personal responsibility"...killing babies isn't.

J. Strupp said...

It has nothing to do with compassion. It has everything to do with odds. Your chance of having a Down's baby at the age of 30 is about 1 in 900. If you are 44 years old, it's about 1 in 35.

So the answer to the question, "why us?" is, well, you had a kid at 44 years old and there was decent chance that this was going to happen.

Al said...

Capper, as Amy so rightly pointed out, I never said what you claim I said. You might do well to not put words in my mouth.

Amy said...

So the answer to the question, "why us?" is, well, you had a kid at 44 years old and there was decent chance that this was going to happen.

And what's your point? That women over 40 should be sterilized? An unfavorable prenatal diagnosis should result in an immediate abortion lest folks like you and capper feel diminished by the presence of a Downs baby in the world?

I am not certain as to whether or not the Palins planned to have a baby when Sarah was 44. This is proof that birth control isn't 100% effective, if they weren't trying.

So the implication by capper is clear: Palin should have aborted.

At the end of the day, it still boils down to the same thing:

The Palins took responsibility for their child. Capper and the rest seem to think that baby should have been tossed in the trash.

Further proof liberal men are the biggest misogynists in the world.

Anonymous said...

You should be thrown in the trash.

Amy said...

You should be thrown in the trash.

Wow. Playground invective from someone too afraid to use his/her name to comment.

I'm so scared. /sarcasm