Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What the Doomsayers Won't Do about BPA

Doh. (And by the way, what's that chemical again??)

Chinese factory workers exposed to huge amounts of bisphenol A substantially increased their risk of sexual dysfunction...

How much is "huge"?

The workers were exposed to BPA at levels 50 times higher than the average American consumer faces...

We've said it before: this campaign is brought to you by the Trial Lawyers (scumsucker) lobby.

Here's the interesting part, folks.

Li pointed out that BPA was first developed as an estrogen substitute.

Oh, yah, estrogen. The stuff that's turning Rocky Mountain trout uni-sex because it's being dumped into rivers.

Estrogen. Yah.

Birth-control pills.

So when will the intrepid Trial-Lawyer-Flak (reporter) start a crusade to ban the birth-control pill??

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