Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Heat's On at Kohl's, Manpower

No big surprise--the religious bunch is trotting out the 'morals' argument.

Thirty-six major corporations are being pressured by the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility ( ) to denounce the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s principled opposition to health care and climate change legislation. ICCR says that all of the targeted companies previously adopted “health care principles now at odds with Chamber lobbying efforts.”

Since ObamaCare will either: 1) increase employment costs dramatically, thus reducing employment opportunities for marginal workers; or 2) force employers to dump their employees into the "public option" plan which will require enormous tax subsidies, thus severely reducing disposable income, it's fairly clear that the "morals" bunch didn't think too hard about the consequences of their crusade.

The effects of Cap'n'Tax are just as bad--or perhaps worse.

But Kohl's and Manpower?

The companies being targeted are: Aetna; American Express; AT&T; Bristol-Myers Squibb; Cardinal Health; Cisco Systems; Duke Energy; DuPont; Eli Lilly; Exxon Mobil; General Electric; General Mills; Goldman Sachs; Home Depot; IBM; Kellogg; Kohl’s; Manpower; Marriott; McDonald’s; Medco; Merck; Peabody; Pepsi; Pfizer; Safeway; Staples; Starbucks; Target; 3 M; UnitedHealth Group; United Technologies; Verizon; Walmart; Wellpoint; and Xerox.

Kohl's and Manpower both hire a lot of semi- or un-skilled workers, as do Safeway, McDonald's, Staples, and WallyWorld. So the religion-bunch wants those companies to ......what? Kill off their own employees?

(The list of religious-bunch members is informative, by the way.)

HT: The Examiner

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