Wednesday, November 11, 2009

McMiller Goes All GooGoo

Gee. Kinda just like it was laid out in the first place. We said that there's a 'neighbor problem,' and gee whiz!!

(There's another 'neighbor problem,' but this one is the stalking horse.)

DNR has plans to spend a bunch of money on McMiller. Or maybe DNR expects the new operator to spend a bunch of money on McMiller. If that is the case, then the new operator will be raising prices, folks.

They managed to find a complaining neighbor, but the reporter never asked how long the complaining neighbor lived in his home.....hmmmm?

Range neighbors have long complained about the noise, and the state is searching for ways to muffle the muzzles, said Paul Sandgren, state Department of Natural Resources forest superintendent at the Kettle Moraine State Forest. It’s the DNR’s fulfillment of a promise made in 1994 to try to minimize the noise whenever there is a project at the range, he said.

The DNR needs to replace the hutches around the shooting areas and is studying the noise as part of the planning.

“This I would classify as an old issue,” Sandgren said, “and I think it was an issue when the range was constructed back in 1974.”

So where was DNR in 1974? 1980? 1984? 1990?


Daily said...

Since before the range was built in '74. That's all Mr. Rudy would tell us.

Joe Yovino
Web editor-Daily Reporter

Dad29 said...

I'm glad you clarified that. Probably would have been useful to have it in the article. Stops people like me from picking on you,.