Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Madistan Notes

Early in the evening yesterday, there was a skunk-smell in Madison, noticeable only 1 block from the Capitol dome.

Just co-incidence, of course.

By the way, regular unleaded in Madison is $2.46/ga--about 13 cents less than at my local PDQ. Another reason that the Madistan crowd doesn't give a rip about stupid EPA regs is that they don't pay for them.


Square Worker said...

I'm guessing you paid that price at a gas station east of the square close to the interstate? Come over west next time where it currently is at $2.59. Gas is almost always cheaper east than it is west.

And I don't quite understand why you call it Madistan when the People's Republic of Madison works just as well and is funny to boot.

Dad29 said...

Yup. Almost at DOC HQ.

Madistan is the Capital of the People's Republic of Dane County.