Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tommy's OTHER "Gift" to Wisconsin Taxpayers

Tommy Thompson, who stuck it to the 4-county taxpayers with his gift to Bud Selig, leaves another debt-saddled legacy!

What a guy!

The State Building Commission on Wednesday is expected to consider a proposal to buy the financially troubled Wisconsin Exposition Center, located on the grounds of the Wisconsin State Fair.

What COULD be the reason for this?

Construction of the Exposition Center was financed with $44.9 million in industrial revenue bonds issued by the City of West Allis. The building was run by a nonprofit group. Since the center was completed in 2002, State Fair Park has leased the 7.52-acre site to the Exposition Center Board.

However, the center has been unable to generate enough revenue to support itself. Based on unaudited information, the Exposition Center had a deficit of $4.3 million on Dec. 31. In addition, revenue declined to $4.3 million for calendar year 2008.

After that white elephant was built, the State Fair insisted that the 3-times/year gun show held in another State Fair building be held in the Expo Center. The promoter of the gun show noticed that the rent was ridiculously high and moved the show to the Waukesha County Expo center instead.

Tommy Thompson: he's what TEA Parties are all about!!

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