Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Propaganda Doyle, Part Two

We mentioned that the Tribes--who pay VERY little of their gambling winnings to the State--were running propaganda ads supporting Doyle's Green Agenda.

Now, right on schedule, comes Part Two of the Doyle AGW Propaganda Blitz.

The first detailed research on Wisconsin's climate is forecasting a jump in average annual temperatures of 4 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit by midcentury, which could push humans and nature to adapt to weather conditions that at times resemble Missouri today.

That's only about 50 years out! Prepare to COOK!! You're gonna DIE!! The SKY IS FALLING!

The Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts is trying to identify and measure the implications of global warming in the state. The study mirrors the conclusions of other climate research - notably, the [completely discredited "Hockey Stick"] 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The panel concluded that burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, gasoline and oil, has contributed to a warming of the Earth's atmosphere

Now you know that it's merely propaganda and has little, if anything, to do with reality. To understand IPCC better, go here. You'll note that IPCC ignored about half of the 127 principles necessary for actual scientific research. Or you could go here to note that IPCC's "studies" are poppycock.

Another group, the Union of Concerned Scientists, has concluded that Wisconsin winters could be more like Missouri's today.

UCS has little credibility, but for propaganda purposes, it will do. While UCS claims 1600 scientists as members, their "AGW climate change" position is flatly rejected by 17,000 members of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine.

Oh, well.

...the Doyle administration launched the Governor's Task Force on Global Warming in 2007 and recommended goals to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 22% in 2022 and by 75% in 2050.

We've spent a little time with the Globaloney Task Force report.

Will the last person to leave Wisconsin please turn out the lights? Global warming. and all that rot.

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GOR said...

"Will the last person to leave Wisconsin please turn out the lights?"

You mean "blow out the candles", Dad - right? Because there won't be any electricity for lights - or if there is, no one will be able to afford it...