Saturday, September 05, 2009

ObamaCare 2.0--Tactics and Strategy

One of the better legislative strategists (Keith Hennessey) on how ObamaCare 2.0 may, or may NOT, get through.

Things are really going to heat up in Washington. Yesterday’s signal suggests a partisan approach by the President. I imagine the August town hall intensity will translate into a partisan skirmish. Expect lots of nasty partisan rhetoric.

At the same time, the more important battles will be internal to the Democratic party. Will Democrats rally around the President, or will their internal tug-of-war continue? In theory these will be closed-door discussions, but everything will leak. The partisan fight will be intense, and Republicans can affect the debate by continuing to talk about the substance. But the vote counting is almost entirely a Democratic exercise. Is there a substantive policy that all Congressional Democrats can agree to, and can they get to that point legislatively?

In the Senate, watch Senators Rockefeller and Schumer for an indication of where liberals are. Watch in-cycle Democrats like Senators Bayh, Bennett (CO), Lincoln, and Specter. Watch wildcard Senators Nelson and Lieberman. And watch Leader Reid and Chairmen Baucus and Conrad for any comments about process. Are they all saying the same thing about not using reconciliation?

There's a lot more at the link, but it's an easy short/medium read.

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Billiam said...

I don't see them doing a true bi-partisan deal, as they've shown no inclination to be truly bi-partisan. Their arrogance doesn't allow for it. I think they go for the whole enchilada, consequences be damned. Pelosi has shown her arrogance and disingenuousness with her claim that she would 'clean up the cess pool of corruption' or the One's that he would be 'post partisan'. They shown no effort to be anything but partisan.