Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Notice the Ad Campaign?

Part of the payback to Doyle....

The Potowatami are now running "Green" ads on local newscasts to pave the way for Doyle's "green agenda" which will emerge in the Fall legislative session.

It's 'green' alright. If it passes, what remains of industry and commerce in Wisconsin will depart, leaving nothing except empty fields (full of green grass).

Stewardship of the land is NOT the same as slavery to GreenOWacky "ideals."


Amy said...

It will be hard for people to gamble when they have no money. And last I checked, Potowatami didn't exactly power the slot machines with gerbils on wheels.

Dad29 said...

Yah, but remember: Doyle deliberately fouled up a new treaty, ensuring the Tribes that they'll not have to pay TOO much to run their casinos.

And gambling persists through thick and thin. Look at the numbers rackets during the Depression, e.g.