Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is Boehner Paying Attention?

Frankly, I think Boehner is an ambitious fellow, and is seeing his future crumbling before his very eyes.

Long before the tea parties or Wilson’s outburst, Boehner and Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) had struggled to moderate the rhetorical excesses of House conservatives hammering away on Obama’s birth certificate, decrying the creation of “death panels” and ferreting out signs of creeping socialism.

As to 'his future,' here's the tell:

“I would point out that the greatest anxiety about the president’s policies tends to come from independents,” he said.

Yup. Johnny thought he was somewhere in the traditional GOP "line" to get the nomination for President, and ...sacre bleu!!..... the damned 'independents' rise up and start screeching about Statism, overspending, and all those tried-and-true GOP Party-Of-Government things that Johnny subscribes to.

Which is to say, precisely the wrong things. Shall we name a few? How about "No Child", or "Compassionate", or "Drug programs for Grandpa", or ridiculously irresponsible spending?

Now he's running like Hell to catch the caboose on a train which departed the station.

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Paul - Berry Laker said...

How can we believe these guys anymore? With all that is happening, Boehner still doesn't get it. I will never hold my nose in the voting booth again!

How do we get these guys to lead the party and not play to independents? This is getting me a little ticked!

Enjoy the weekend.