Friday, September 18, 2009

DNA Samples Scandal Looks Like DOC Problem

Looks like the Wisconsin Department of Corrections screwed up.

Gary Hamblin at the AG office issued the following:

I am troubled by reports that erroneously describe the estimated 12,000 DNA samples not sent to the Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory as “missing” – yesterday I provided an estimate of samples that were never submitted and do not exist at the State Crime Lab.

In the interest of accuracy and complete information I would suggest an important distinction exists between a missing item and one which never existed.

Clearly, as I have preliminarily estimated and reported to the Attorney General yesterday, at least 12,000 DNA samples were never submitted to the State Crime Lab by agencies responsible for the collection of these samples. Samples not in the database are those yet to be collected by agencies charged with collection and submission.

Samples at the Crime Lab are not lost, misplaced or otherwise “missing.”

In other words, Doyle's Department of Corrections (you remember, the one which insists on more and more and more funding for its extremely expensive staff) is the problem, NOT the Attorney General's Crime Lab.

At the same time, it seems that there is something wrong with the reporting systems in the AG's office. There should be a 'tick count' of samples processed from the prisons. (There should be a 'tick count' of OTHER samples processed, too.) That would enable AG supervision to determine what the Lab is doing. It's a metric which should be in a management report.

At the same time, a certain local afternoon RadioMouth probably owes the AG an apology...

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