Monday, May 18, 2009

Xavier Does the Right Thing, Again

Seems like Xavier hired at least two people with questionable common sense.

Matt Prill, told members of the baseball team recently he was not rehired because it came to the attention of school officials that he went to Green Bay one night to visit his girlfriend, had a few drinks and decided it was better to stay over in her house than to drive back to Appleton.

Teachers at Xavier are required by contract to conduct their personal lives in accordance with Catholic teachings, which forbid cohabitation outside of marriage


[The same school] attracted national attention several years ago after it was reported that a married French teacher was given a pink slip after she underwent in vitro fertilization that led to having a baby.

SHE was dumb enough to talk about it.


Andy K. said...

I think it's funny that the commenters at JSonline all miss a very obvious point:
The teacher drank enough to impair his driving.

He knew he was out of town. He knew what his contract stipulated. Why did he drink so much? If he was seriously concerned about his job/contract, he would have been thinking "Oops, I'm not near home. I need to drive home. If I stay at my gf's, I could be fired. Oh, well, what's another few drinks?!"

Good for Xavier for canning the folks.

Anonymous said...

This is what was posted on WBAY in Green Bay. It is a response to an e-mail received by the principal from Xavier. This should be the end of the story.

"While school officials aren't commenting about the issue on-camera, they are replying to comments from the public.

One citizen wrote an email to the school concerned about how Xavier is handling the situation.

The school's principal wrote in reply, "As you probably have experienced in your life, there are two sides to every story. We certainly did not make a decision based on what has been presented in the media. If that were the case, I would totally agree with you. We would be pretty ridiculous to expect him to drink and drive. It is always wise to keep an open mind.""

Anonymous said...

How come NONE of the child-diddling priests were shown the door? None, as in zip, zilch, nada! More hypocrisy from the Catholic Church!

Dad29 said...

Anony 0713: A point I addressed in a subsequent post. Obviously, there are particulars which are difrerent for every case--but in general, you're correct.

OTOH, that 'oh, what the hell' attitude is history, just like Rembert.

Xavier is leading the way.

Andy K. said...

I like how "the Catholic Church" is embodied by ONE archbishop, ONE school...

*rolls eyes*

I think it was Mark Belling who had it right yesterday - It *WASN'T* the Catholic Church, but it was ARCH. WEAKLAND.

Amy said...

I think it was Mark Belling who had it right yesterday - It *WASN'T* the Catholic Church, but it was ARCH. WEAKLAND.And all the other priests and bishops cut from the same liberal, theologically illiterate cloth. But not the teachings of the Church, which they eschewed.

Xavier did the absolute correct thing. How many of you could violate your contract and blame the "hypocrisy" of your employer for dismissing you?