Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Why "Law Day" Is Meaningless

"Law Day" is supposed to promote respect for the legal system in the US.

Rule of Law, and all that. Nice sentiments, but doomed to fail.


Under House-passed (Senate pending) legislation,

If a mother hears that their child has been raped and she slaps the assailant with her purse, she is now gone after as a hate criminal because this is a protected class. There are other protected classes in here. I mean simple exhibitionism. I have female friends who have told me over the years that some guy flashed them, and their immediate reaction was to hit them with their purse. Well now, he's committed a misdemeanor, she has committed a federal hate crime because the exhibitionism is protected under sexual orientation. --Cong. L. Gohmert, (R-TX)

Yah. THAT'LL get a lot of respect for the law.

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TerryN said...

Those evil republicans tried to get the elderly included in this legislation but the dems wouldn't have it.