Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weakland Cost More Than $450K

The publicity campaign for Abp Weakland's "I'm a Gay!!" book is catching national notice, and most of the "reporting" (really, cut/paste of the publisher's statement) mentions the $450K Weakland and Bp Sklba paid to Marcoux.

Somehow, the forced sale of the entire Cousins Center and the millions paid in settlements from other Archdiocesan operating accounts doesn't make the cut for the pre-publication flackery.

But there's a far more significant "cost" which cannot be measured.

That is the cost of NOT having dozens of solid priests here in the Archdiocese today. Those are the ones who chose to flee Weakland's homosexual-infested seminary rather than tough it out and become ordained for service in Milwaukee.

That, my friends, is the most significant 'cost,' but it will never be measured.

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Anonymous said...

Who would be left if all the gay men were kicked out of the seminaries around the country? You would have zero priests, man!