Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Target: S.E. Wisconsinites with Health Coverage

HealthReformTalk is a blog covering health insurance reform (doh) as it takes shape in Congress.

What you really, really, wanted to know is that Congress is looking at taxing "Cadillac coverage" health plans to fund universal coverage.

Except the damn fools are measuring "Cadillac" on price alone. In SE Wisconsin, this is trouble.

...As the EPI says, the “high price may stem not from any bells and whistles in their coverage but from a fundamental inequity in the way that insurance for these groups is currently priced.”

Workers living in higher cost areas would also be hit especially hard by any proposals to tax “Cadillac coverage” as well. In those locales, the health care dollar does not go as far as it does in less expensive locations.

You recall that Chrysler found that coverage for its Kenosha employees was significantly more expensive than for ANY other group of Chrysler employees in the USA.

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