Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Specter: A Slimeball, Too

No, this is not about Specter becoming honest a week ago.

This is about his dis-honest campaign financing.

The Forth Worth Star Telegram reports on his SpecterForTheCure.com:

While it appears at first glance to be a fundraising site for a reform movement to help Sen. Arlen Specter fund programs that will seek cures for major diseases, it's actually a fundraising arm for Specter's re-election.

A Specter spokeswoman told The Watchdog: "Specterforthecure.com is explicit throughout — including the name itself — that the site raises money for a candidate."

Not really.


It does not say anywhere explicitly in the text that your donation goes to re-elect Arlen Specter and not to medical research, but Specter's spokesman tells me that is the case. You have to go all the way to the bottom of the page to find clues — the donation requirements on the site match FEC requirements in terms of the legal amounts listed and the required information the site collects on donors. It states at the very bottom that the site is "Paid for by Citizens for Arlen Specter."

Well. Looks like he's really a (D) at heart!

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