Saturday, May 02, 2009

Speaking of "Law Day"...

There was a good deal of high-minded flapjaw about the Rule of Law, the Benefit of a Legal System, Jurisprudence, yadayadayada, to accompany "Law Day" yesterday.

Now here are a few things which remind us that lawyers (and judges) are fighting a losing battle in the Law-Is-Your-Friend department.

Department of Commerce tramps all over the 4th Amendment.

Managing Chaos into the system by the President, the Attorney-General, and Congress.

A SCOWI Chief Justice campaigns on 'allowing people to keep their houses...'

Benthamism regnant in the White House.

SCOWI's Chief Justice-ette ignores the Wisconsin Constitution in order to write into law her personal views on self-defense with handguns...

And of course, the Roe decision, acknowledged by one and all to have NO rational basis whatsoever.

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