Saturday, May 09, 2009

Risser: "It's Not FAIR!!"

Eligible for the Moronic Quote of the Year:

Risser said it's unfair to require "dedicated and loyal" state workers to take unpaid furloughs.

He said he wants to consider other options, even tax increases, saying state workers aren't responsible for the recession that caused tax collections to fall by 7.3% over the past 10 months

Yah, Freddie. You're right, you know.

Now stop stamping your widdle feets.


Amy said...

Most state workers may not be, but the guys the elected to state government ARE.

Deekaman said...

On the contrary, Amy. They are as responsible as the hundreds of people my employer has laid off. Those who take more from the system than they give don't seem to be suffering. Those who give to the system (more correctly, "are forced to hand over their hard-earned money to the system") are doing all the suffering.

I take no joy in one's loss of a job, but shouldn't this be "shared sacrifice"? Seems like TCO said that.