Friday, May 15, 2009

Obamachiavelli: Morrissey Finally Gets It

The Prince, using the usual lies.

Earlier this week, President Obama announced that American health providers had pledged to cut costs by 1.5% each of the next ten years as a means to stave off an economic crisis in the industry.

Well, not really.

Now Obama’s partners say that the President misstated their agreement, and that they pledged to eventually ramp up to a 1.5% annual savings rate over the next ten years

BIG difference.

Morrisey's beginning to catch on to the game.

The more conspiratorial may believe that the overpromise was deliberate, setting up the AHA for failure so that Obama can impose his government-dictated system on the country while blaming the AHA. Before the campaign of intimidation against Chrysler senior creditors, I would have scoffed. Now, I’m not so sure.

Morrissey's a little late to the party. Obama is a committed Extreme Lefty. His Corporate Fascist orientation has been clear since about 2 weeks into his imperial reign; all that remains to be settled is whether the country's inhabitants will accept it.

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